Improve Your Home's Appearance With Nautical Lighting

Improve Your Home's Appearance With Nautical Lighting

17th Apr 2023

Summer is around the corner, and that means we'll all be spending more time outside and entertaining friends. Here's how to up your game a bit by making your home look a bit more elegant with quality nautical lighting. 

Step 1: Analyze the existing decor and design of your home. Determine what areas could use additional lighting or an updated look. 

Step 2: Research coastal and nautical-inspired light fixtures that fit your budget and style preferences. Look for options such as sconcespiling lightslanterns, and even Key West style lighting to add a touch of coastal charm to different areas inside/outside your house. 

Step 3: Decide which rooms/areas you want to focus on first -- perhaps entryways, living/dining spaces or outdoor patios/balconies would benefit from new nautical-inspired lighting? 

Step 4: Install the chosen fixtures in each designated area according to manufacturer instructions. Make sure all electrical work is done by a licensed professional if necessary to ensure safety. 

Step 5: If possible, consider adding dimmer switches for more control over mood/lighting levels in certain spaces (e.g., dining room during romantic dinners). This can help create ambiance while also saving energy costs over time! 

Step 6: Add finishing touches like throw pillows with maritime motifs (anchors/seashells), window treatments featuring stripes/sailor knots patterns or even artwork inspired by marine life/seascapes/etc! 

Overall tips: - Try not mix too many different nautical themes or styles, to avoid an overwhelming or cluttered look. - Use timers for energy efficiency and longer-lasting lighting solutions. - Consider outdoor lighting options like waterproof sconces/lanterns for your home's exterior areas, especially if you live near the coast where moisture exposure may be higher. - Don't forget about accent lighting -- it can create a cozy atmosphere in unexpected places such as staircases, hallways, or bookshelves!