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​Decorating to Create a Relaxing Environment

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Remodeling and updating home interiors is one of America's favorite pastimes, but some homeowners fail to consider how home decor can influence how people feel inside your home. One can decorate with many ideas in mind, from creating a more stylish space to something as utilitarian as simply getting rid of clutter.

No matter how large or small your home may be, it is worth considering how you can decorate at least one room with calmness and tranquility in mind.

Here are a few of the best decorating tips for creating a more relaxing environment inside your home:

Lightingnautical lighting store

Take a minute now to look around you home and evaluate how the lighting in each room makes you feel. Bright white halogen bulbs, fluorescent tube lighting, Edison bulbs, and pendant lights all cast a very different type of light. Sometimes the difference between a cozy, comfortable room and one that gives you a headache is just a matter of changing a bulb, adding a light, or illuminating an area or two. We'd like to think that our nautical lights not only provide interior designers and homeowners with countless options to create a laid-back, coastal vibe, inside a room.


Nothing will make your home feel more chaotic or stressful than clutter. If you want to have a space that is really relaxing, you need to be sure that you are highly organized. This means that you need to take the time to invest in organizers for each room that will help you to maximize the amount of space that is available and also help you to give everything a designated place. This will get rid of the chaos and help you to create a relaxing environment in each and every room of your home. Consider hiring a personal organizer for a day to help you set up a system of organization. Go through your closets and donate anything you haven't worn in a year, retire those nick-nacks that are occupying every square inch of your bookshelf, and do away with messy linen closets. Get organized, label and file papers, and get control over your space.

Every Room

The only way to have an entire home that is relaxing, is to make sure that every space is touched. If the living room is a Shangri La, but the laundry room is a house of horrors, you'll never feel entirely at ease withing your own four walls. Being systematic in your approach to decorating is key here. Prioritize the rooms that you use most: living room, bedroom, and kitchen, before moving on to other rooms. Think about how you use the room currently, and how you'd like that to change. Is mealtime rushed and tense because your table is too small? Is the living room a place where you want to relax or is it more like an electronics store, with laptops, gadgets, wires, and devices strewn everywhere? Really take a close look at the room as ask yourself: 'How does this space make me feel?'


You might not realize it fully, but color can play a big role in your emotions and how you feel. You want to be certain that you have chosen colors for your home that are known to be calming and soothing. This is the best way that you can make sure you are creating a really relaxing place to spend your time. The colors that are known for being the most calming are white and soft, neutral colors. These colors are great choices for the walls in spaces where you want to create a relaxing feel. Wall color really is key when you want to create a space that is most tranquil. Off white walls of any shade are a great choice.

You can create a relaxing environment in your home if you just follow a few of these simple tips above.

Once you establish your new design, you will have a space that puts your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy your time at home in your own little oasis.