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​Four Timeless Coastal Decor Tips

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Your home should tastefully reflect its setting. Whether you live in the city, deep inside the country, or along a coastline, timeless décor outlasts trends and keeps your property looking and feeling fresh. Seaside homes are perhaps the most difficult to decorate simply because homeowners tend to “go overboard” (pun intended) with quintessentially nautical items. 

The secret to a forever beautiful home along the coast is understanding and utilizing the following four tips:

1. Let the Outside In

It’s easy to find natural accessories along the beach and even easier to use those accessories as décor in your home. A quick hunt for shells is a popular pastime, but it can also produce attractive items to showcase. The key is to use your discoveries in a tasteful and timeless way. Pay close attention to the type of coast your home sits on – the ocean, a lake, a river, etc. – and use the natural landscape to inspire your hunt.

TIP: Instead of simply laying shells out on display, use them to create a sculptural vase, lamp, picture frame, or bowl. Just don’t overdo it. Choose only two or three items per room to display your organic discoveries.

2. Simplicity Matters

Timeless coastal décor requires the perfect combination of local flair and sophisticated simplicity. To make your home look and feel like a beachy retreat, use muted or neutral colors on your walls and furniture. Keep the same color story throughout your entire home to create seamless flow. To add more visual appeal without breaking the scheme, consider painting a coordinated accent wall or use eye-catching throw pillows.

3. Form Should Meet Function

Coastal homes need to be tastefully tough so that they can withstand extreme weather changes, tracked in dirt or sand, and moisture. Use the bulk of your décor budget on durable fabrics, furniture, and flooring. Just remember that all items need to work in harmony to keep things on an even, timeless keel. Also, creating an open concept layout in your home allows air to flow freely throughout the space, as this lends itself to the first point: let the outside in.

4. Add Stylish, Historical Elements

Trendiness is never a good idea when creating a timeless space. Instead of looking toward the future, add some older, more historical pieces: old boat or ship parts, vintage nautical light fixtures, beach-inspired framed artwork, nautical maps, and so on. This not only adds interesting depth to your home, but it also adds fun without making it look like a tourist trap or gift shop.