Home Lighting Trends For 2023 - What To Expect

Home Lighting Trends For 2023 - What To Expect

13th Dec 2021

While 2022 was a tumultuous year in some ways, we saw a fair number of new home lighting and decor trends.

People were working from home, shopping online more, and generally attending to neglected projects around the house. One good thing that came out of last year was the way homeowners discovered interior decorating for themselves, sparking creativity that they never realized they had, and elevating it to new heights.

In short, homeowners began really thinking deeply about what they want for their homes, rather than just using home as a place to flop after work or on the weekends between running errands. Houses became homes as families spent more time together indoors.

One home lighting trend is to use more natural light. This can be done by adding more windows or by using light-colored paint and furniture. Another trend is a return to traditional lighting with materials like copper and brass, incorporating the use of lamps and chandeliers. Some people are using table and floor lamps that have a more coastal and nautical look as well.

The outcome of much of this remodeling has included the revival of features that first gained prominence in the early 90's, including a surge of accent walls, and the aesthetics of what we'll call 'cosiness'.

Thinking about 2023, what might the future hold? To see the best design trends that have been anticipated in the coming year, we have been keeping our hand on the pulse of sites like Houzz, Pinterest, and interior designers from Maine to California. The resurgence and influence of inviting styles means 2023 is going to be a fantastic year for the home interior industry.

Check out the predicted trends below and tell us which one you like the most.

1. Japandi - A New Minimalism

Japandi is a meeting of two rather similar design sensibilities - Japanese and Scandinavian. Japandi is fusion design, combining neat lines, vivid spaces, pale wood, and pleasant natural elements; all the best things from both designs. This is one of those new trends we hope to see more of in 2023 as homeowners experiment with layouts and decor. It's simple, yet elegant, and perfect for a modern home. Japandi light fixtures are often made from natural materials like wood and bamboo, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere

2. Reconsidering Open-Floor Ideas

If you could have a dime each time someone on home design shows on channels like HGTV opted for an open-floor plan, you would have enough to redecorate your entire home by now. However, this trend may be waning, as some designers anticipate that maybe 2023 will be the year when people rethink open-floor ideas. Possibly 2023 might be the year of patio doors, barn doors, bounded kitchens, and whatnot...that we will see. The reason? With everyone spending more time at home, from kids to parents, there is now a premium on privacy and a little personal space.

3.Open Shelves

In 2023, shelving will be a thing of the past. Just kidding. The much-loved gallery walls will forever have a space in your home, but they have been hanging around for a while, and this might be the time to display the family photos, art pieces, items of interest, and other keepsakes in a new way. You may also see kitchens having more open shelving in 2023 to display family heirlooms like beautiful colored glassware, colored clay plates, and all other amazing crockeries, according to a trend-prediction report by Pinterest.

4. Mid Century Modern will continue to be a feature

The mid-century trend should have ended in 2020, as predicted by some designers, but the trend has no sign of slowing down in the coming year too. Some designers feel that Mid century modern furniture is safe and boring. What makes this style so popular is that the clean lines go well with people who lean toward compact space and a minimalistic approach to featuring pieces in living rooms and bedrooms. So it is evident that the pleasant strokes of Mid-Century art and furniture will stick around for a while as long as 'soothing' and 'clean' is an aesthetic influence.

5. Traditional Regains Its Place

Many people consider traditional home decor to be more elegant and timeless than other styles. Classic pieces like a sofa or armchair in a neutral color can be paired with any number of accessories and rugs to create a look that's unique to you. In earlier years, traditional decor--think Ethan Allen--has been among the least popular style chosen by people, but more than one popular interior design firm has predicted that this style will gain a lot of ground this year as interest in traditional furniture and decor is increasing. If you own traditional pieces, then it's time to take them and show them off.

6. Sustainable Living

People have been focused on avoiding as much wastage as possible in 2023, considering their concerns for the environment. This has led to a push for sustainable fashion and durable design. According to Modsy trend reports, people's urge for sustainable decor and furnishing has been increasing, and Modsy predicts 2023 to be a year of sustainable interior design. Homeowners have been avoiding fast-fashion furnishing industries and going for more high-quality, low-waste living. We'd like to think our nautical decor and ship salvage lighting deserves an honorable mention in this category...durable, timeless, and able to go with nearly any interior design.

7. More Plants

Got a green thumb? Well, you'll be happy to hear that 2023 will be bringing a lot of plants into our homes. House plants can be used in interior design to add color and life to a room. They can also be used to improve air quality, which is beneficial for people with allergies or asthma. House plants need care and nurturing, but bringing them into our living spaces will make us focus on them and not on the restless world outside. Along with that, plants will bring an organic and lively element into our homes. Get ready to make spaces into your homes for that monstera or caladium. We are very excited because there is no such thing as too many plants.


There are no definitive trends in interior design for 2023, as each designer will likely have their own unique take on the style and feel of a space. However, in addition to those seven trends mentioned above, some popular ideas that are likely to continue gaining traction include using natural materials such as stone and wood, creating open spaces with minimal barriers between different zones, and using muted colors to create a calming atmosphere.