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How to give your home the 'wow factor'

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Our homes are deeply personal places. However, many of us have inherited the design scheme that was put in place by the previous owner. Try as we may, capturing a look that inspires and takes one's breath away is often an uphill battle. nonetheless, most homeowners are chasing that elusive 'look' that will make them, as well as their guests, feel as if they are in a special place. 

People in the interior design and real estate industry often refer to this look as 'the wow factor'. We all know what they mean, but how do we achieve it? In this article we will provide a number of steps to help you achieve the wow factor  in your own dwelling.

Do not be afraid to be bold

If there is one fundamental approach common to homes that have that wow factor, it is the ability to surprise! Beige walls, mass-produced textiles, and generic fixtures are never going to be remarkable enough to give your house that pop you are looking for. We not saying that your design has to be expensive, but it does have to be unique and interesting.

So do not be afraid to do something different with your house, something that will stand out, something that will make people take notice. It may be the color of paint you use, or a piece of furniture that is upholstered in a bright color, or it can even be something as simple as the way you organize accessories on your coffee table. 

Whatever it is, you want to create the element of surprise  and something that draws the eye as soon as people walk into the room.

Do not be afraid to add texture

A great way to create a sense of movement within a room is by incorporating different textures. Simply by adding texture, you are making a room feel more unique, but also grounded. Texture provides visual weight and balance. If everything in your room is too similar, it will be unremarkable and lack visual interest. 

There are a number of ways that you can add texture: crown molding, mixing materials like wood, satin, marble, linen throughout the space, incorporating throw pillows with reflective elements, adding fresh cut flowers to your mantle or coffee table. There are a thousand ways to jazz things up a bit, and while you do not want to overdo it, should not be afraid to test different things that will bring life to your living space.

Artwork makes the space work

Art may be subjective, but blank walls are boring and uninspiring. While owning a Picasso is beyond the budget of most people, there are probably plenty of local artists in and around your city who have created pieces that are unique, affordable, and tell a great story. Try taking a trip this weekend to a local gallery and get to know a little bit about the local artists, many of whom would be happy to talk with you and explain their art and process. 

Simply having one unique piece of artwork on your wall can make an entire room come alive. Art is a great way to tell a story and give a theme to your living space.

Lighting needs to make a statement

If your room lacks drama,  look at your lighting. It may be too dim,dull, or uninspiring (we're looking at you, can lights). Our nautical lights are a fantastic way to revoke a maritime vibe that is both elegant and stunning. Many of our pieces are vintage, and a great way to tie together a newly  remodeled room with something that has age, craftsmanship,  and functionality.

One of the great things about using lighting to give your room a wow factor is that it can be used many different ways: as task lighting, accent lighting, or general lighting. A good lighting plan will use all three to illuminate a room. So if you are looking for that special piece to give your home the wow factor, have a look at our selection, or give us a call today at (561) 436-2439, and we can help you find something amazing that will transform your space forever..