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Here’s How to Pull Off an Eclectic Decorating Style

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An eclectic decorating style comes with its own unique set of do’s and don'ts. While it’s not that easy to pull off, it’s definitely worth it if you want to have a room with character. An eclectic design can really bring a unique aesthetic to your home and will keep it from looking uninspired and generic.

For a better understanding of the eclectic decorating style, here are some tips from an interior designer friend of ours that will provide some guidelines for pulling the eclectic look together in your home.

Choose One Dominating Color

By having one focus color, you can create some really interesting combinations using textures and other design elements. Whether it’s a dark grey or bright yellow, make sure you accentuate it in various ways.

Do: Use the Accent Color in Other Decor Elements

To really tell the story of a room, you should not be afraid to use the accent color in multiple elements throughout the room. Our designer suggests that you should think of color as the primary thing that helps you to really pull the look together. It sets the mood. Remember that if you choose nautical lighting fixtures with a reflective finish like brass or copper, it will also incorporate this color as well. Likewise, the color temperature of the bulb will affect how the wall color is perceived.

Don’t: Test the Paints On Your Walls

When you test various accent colors right on the walls, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed. This is because when you paint test strips of color next to each other on the wall, they will trick your eye into thinking they are either lighter or darker than they really are. To avoid this confusion you should paint the colors you like onto strips of wood like a paint stirrer, then look at them individually. You can even use the painted stirrers to make shopping for decor or fabrics easier.

Bring Balance to the Room

It’s extremely important to create balance by using symmetry and scale. When decorating a room, you always want to achieve an effect which is pleasing to the eye. Try to find elements that work well together without being either too similar or dissimilar.

Do: Find Harmonious Textures

While shopping for decor, try to find matching textures, fabrics and items. It’s a bit like shopping for new clothes. You wouldn’t dream of mixing a heavy wool with a thin, shiny silk in the same outfit, or putting stripes and polka-dots next to one another. Your goal is to create a sense of harmony. This isn't to say that you can't use very different fact, you should. However, you want to ensure that they have enough room between them so as not to clash with one another. You can tell if items are a good match by placing them next to each other.

Don’t: Confuse Eclectic With “Random”

You could easily get overwhelmed if you toss together all the decor items you find. In order to avoid chaos. Even if you are using pieces from different periods, which use unique materials, be sure to know your limits when assembling a number of contrasting styles. Otherwise, the room can go from electric to random rather quickly.

Textures Are Key

The mix of textures in eclectic decorating is one of the main ways to add interest to a room. With various textures, you can create interesting focal points, even while maintaining a simple color palette.

Do: Mix Various Textures

Make sure you incorporate both rough and smooth textures, to keep an interesting flow in the room. Don’t be afraid to use a rugged wooden bench or coffee table, a shaggy rug, tweed pillows, and bronze, copper, or brass nautical lighting together in the same room. Different materials add a sense of authenticity, when used properly in interior design.

Don’t: Forget About the Rule of Three

A consistent design follows the principle also known as the rule of three. By using the same texture at least three times in various places around the house, you can maintain a cohesive look, while still being eclectic in your selection of furnishings, lighting, and fittings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your room. You are aiming for something that is unique, whimsical, and somewhat out-of-the-ordinary. The eclectic style of decorating gives off a vibe that you’ve probably inherited your furnishings, rather than purchased them in a typical three piece set at the local furniture store. Done properly, your room will look rich and full of quality.