Working From Your Home Office Now? Follow These 5 Lighting Tips!

7th Nov 2022

lighting home officeThere are a few things to consider when lighting your home office. You want to make sure you have enough light to work, but you also don't want the space to feel too bright or too cluttered. overhead lighting can be great for general lighting, while task lights can help you focus on specific tasks.

Given that there were nice tax write-offs for home office use, people are now accustomed to choosing to invest in making their home office a pleasant place to be, and that includes lighting it properly.

For most people, a home office is a great way to get work done without the hassle of commuting. However, many Americans did not already have a home office fully set up, because a home is not designed as an office. 

The space, furnishing, and lighting are not like that of an office.

When it comes to lighting, focusing on the correct amount is vital not to end up straining your eyes. To help you, here are few lighting tips you can follow in your work from home office settings.

Lighting Tips To Follow For Your Home Office

Follow these tips to get the best lighting at your home office:

1. Don't Use The Fluorescents

Avoiding fluorescents is the best option while setting up the lights for work from home office conditions. They are too bright and might hurt your eyes and give you a headache. While at work, don't use them. It's a better idea to illuminate your home office with lighting fixtures that are gentle on the eyes.

2. Utilize Your Natural Light Properly

Natural lighting can be a boon or a bane, depending on the way you utilize it. Look at your room and make changes according to how the natural sunlight lights up your room. Curtains and blinds can help regulate the direction and appearance of sunlight in your home office.

Basking on the beauty of natural light is going to be more soothing to your eyes when you work. Moreover, there's plenty of vitamin D, which is great for your health.

3. Set Your Ambient Lights Right

Ambient light is the secondary light you can use and correct wherever you need it. The light from your monitor screen can cause intense straining. For this reason, it's a good idea to schedule breaks every hour to step away from the monitor for 10-20 minutes to give your eyes a rest.

So, set up some ambient lighting in your home office, which goes easy on the eyes. A good tip is to use lamps in dimmed shades, as well as wall sconces like these.

4. Make Your Task Lighting Right

Task lights for your workplace in a work-from-home setting are crucial. These help you light up when you are taking notes, writing, or working and focus on a particular task well.

Moreover, when you don't need it, you can switch it off. Desk lamps and table lights are the perfect task lights that are essential. Also, make sure to choose one with a flexible arm to adjust it according to your needs.

5. Avoid Glares, Shadows, Overhead Or Ground Lightings

While choosing lights that work from home office settings, it is best to avoid positioning your lights in a way it would cause glares or shadows.

Moreover, it is also essential to note the height of the lightings. Pendant lights over the top or ground lights can be disturbing and unnecessary. So, best avoid installing them.

Final Verdict

Properly lighting a space in your home to make it into an office helps create a healthier workspace. So, use these tips to light your work from home space, and work more efficiently.